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Updated: 04:14 EDT

Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg's (left) access to the Google Drive file was revealed after he accidentally displayed the link in a screenshot (bottom right) he sent to a parent in a heated email chain. The drive contained files labeled 'SUSD Wackos' and 'Anti Mask Lunatics' among others in a sprawling database tracking the online activities of parents (top right) in the district, as well as a report that appeared to have been generated by a private investigator. A video in the file (main) shows Greenburg's father admitting to hiring a private investigator to record license plates outside a school board meeting.

Biden's Build Back Better will make 30% of middle class families pay higher taxes,

President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan could raise taxes modestly for some middle-class households, despite his vow that anyone making less than $400,000 would not see an increase, according to a new analysis. 'Taking into account all major tax provisions, roughly 20 percent to 30 percent of middle-income households would pay more in taxes in 2022. However, their tax increases would be very small,' non-partisan Tax Policy Center wrote in a report.? 'Among those with a tax increase, low- and middle-income households would pay an additional $100 or less on average. Those making $200,000-$500,000 would pay an average of about $230 more,' the report added.

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Viola Garcia (left), the president of the National School Boards Association, wrote to Joe Biden on September 29 requesting help for increasingly heated parent-teacher meetings.

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety said that on October 26, DPS found a woman murdered by cartels on the Texas side of the border.

Attorneys for former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs filed court documents on Wednesday that claim firefighters were slow to extinguish the blaze in Tina Tintor's car following their collision.

Paris Hilton is MARRIED! Heiress ties the knot with entrepreneur beau Carter Reum

Paris Hilton has married entrepreneur Carter Reum in a lavish ceremony at her late grandfather's Bel-Air estate as the star-studded affair included A-list guests Emma Roberts, Ashley Benson, and Bebe Rexha. The 40-year-old hotel heiress confirmed the news by taking to Instagram after the ceremony to share the first glimpse at her?custom Oscar de la Renta bridal gown. 'My forever begins today... 11/11 #JustMarried #ForeverHiltonReum,' captioned Hilton, who did not debut her wedding ring in the glamorous snapshot. Instead, she flashed her impressive engagement ring at the camera as she held her veil over her face.

Single jab of nanofiber gel allows paralyzed mice to WALK AGAIN within four weeks: Scientists seek urgent FDA approval for use in humans

The team of Northwestern University scientists behind the newly-published research hope to approach the Food and Drug Administration as early as next year to propose human trials. 'The aim of our research was to develop a translatable therapy that could be brought to the clinic to prevent individuals from becoming paralyzed after major trauma or disease,' said Northwestern's Samuel Stupp, who led the study.

Millions of Midwesterners are bracing for their first big snowstorm of the season following a blizzard warning as temperatures in the region plummet and winds reach high speeds of up to 40 mph.

Kyle Rittenhouse's mother Wendy on Thursday evening appeared on Sean Hannity's show, and said she was still angry about Biden's tweet a year ago - but hoped for the best from the jury, when they retire to consider their verdict next week. Wendy Rittenhouse told of her horror at seeing the footage in court of her son in Kenosha, saying she felt he was lucky to be alive. She said she wanted to hug her son when he broke down in tears on the stand on Wednesday. And she said she was optimistic that the trial would conclude as she wanted, with her son acquitted.

Mark Pukita, an IT entrepreneur and candidate in the crowded Ohio Republican primary, spoke Thursday night at a candidate forum where he was confronted about the ad.

Police said a jogger was knocked to the ground, chocked and molested while running through Central Park, and less than an hour later, another woman was assaulted by FDR Drive.

White House warns Europe to prepare for a Russian INVASION of Ukraine with border military

Troubling reports of an increased amount of tanks and artillery at Russia's border with Ukraine prompted Biden to send his CIA chief to Moscow to express 'serious' concerns in a talk with Russian President Putin. Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed similar concerns in a press conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister?Dmytro Kuleba yesterday, telling reporters that 'We're concerned by reports of unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine. We're monitoring the region very closely, as we always do, we'll continue to consult closely as well with allies and partners on this issue.' Russia denied accusations it was planning an attack but expressed anger over American warships in the Black Sea that it says sailed too close to its territory.

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday asked a federal appeals court to temporarily block the release of records to a House committee probing the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

Spending at discount stores (pictured) was up 65 percent last week as holiday shoppers began hunting for Christmas gifts and other deals during a time of record inflation, data (inset) shows

Minnesota principal allows boy to remain in class with two students he's accused of sexually assaulting, vows to punish pupils for staging walkout and calls cops on parent who questioned his decision: School board refuses to discuss issue?

Principal Marco Voce (left) vowed to suspend students at Zimmerman, Minn., school for staging a walkout over decision to allow a boy who allegedly assaulted two students remain in school. The students held their protest despite Voce's threat but parents are furious after the school board refused to address the allegations during a meeting on Monday.

Jason Knauf disclosed messages that contradict her 'false' claims that a letter sent to her father Thomas was private and that she never co-operated the Finding Freedom biography, it was said.

Aides to former President Donald Trump believe they're responsible for the death of Herman Cain, who rose to prominance after running for the GOP nomination in 2012.

An attorney for the founder of Project Veritas has accused the Department of Justice of tipping off the New York Times about recent raids on current and former employees, while suggesting federal prosecutors may have also leaked the group's legal communications. On Thursday, the New York Times published a report based on memos from the group's lawyer, revealing his legal advice on the group's use of false identities and undercover filming, tactics that are eschewed by most modern journalists. O'Keefe's attorney Harmeet Dhillon (main) in an interview on Thursday night slammed the report as a 'hit piece' and questioned whether the DOJ had leaked the legal memos to the Times, an extraordinary and possibly illegal step.

Travis Scott is seen pacing outside his $14million Houston mansion

Travis Scott has been seen for the first time since last week's Astroworld disaster pacing outside his $14million Houston mansion where he's hiding out with girlfriend Kylie Jenner, DailyMail.com can reveal. Travis, real name Jacques Webster, was spotted on the phone and pacing with his back turned to the cameras on Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon, his top-notch legal team led by high-powered attorney Neal Manne arrived at the gated mansion as up to 150 lawsuits have come flooding in against the rapper and Live Nation Entertainment. Manne and three other attorneys were met by Travis' security team and quickly ushered inside, where they stayed for about 45 minutes. Travis has been holed up at the home with 24-hour security and at least five security guards since last Friday's tragedy that claimed eight lives.?Both Travis Scott and Drake are being sued by 68 victims for 'inciting mayhem' and stand to lose 'billions' after more than 300 people were treated at an emergency field hospital in the aftermath, 11 others went into cardiac arrest and dozens more were knocked unconscious. Powerhouse Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry said his firm is being contacted by 'more and more' injured people by the hour and 'the damages suffered by [the Astroworld tragedy's] victims could total in the billions.' Travis' attorney Neal Manne is a managing partner at Susman Godfrey in Houston and according to the company's website, he was named attorney of the year in Texas for 2017. Manne represented death row inmates on a Pro Bono basis and reportedly charges up to $2,000/ hour.

NYPD cop beats homeless man unconscious while clearing out vagrant encampment on Manhattan sidewalk?

The video begins as an officer is attempting to detain a man on a MacDougal Street sidewalk near Greenwich Village. The detainee appears to attempt to get up when the officer, aided by a second arriving as the man gets up, pushes him back down to the ground. Once they have him under control, the officer is seen throwing a half dozen punches at the victim's midsection.

A 65-year-old man was shot and killed by police in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon after he was pulled over in his car, then got out and waved his gun at the officers. He died later in hospital.

Dave Portnoy reveals text from woman, 19, saying 'Really want to see you... would do anything. Can we bang': Barstool Sports founder picks apart 'hit piece' accusing him of rough sex

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, on Thursday hit back at allegations published in Business Insider earlier this month, claiming he was predatory and had rough sex with young girls. The 44-year-old filmed an hour-long live stream, going through the Business Insider report and showing text messages from two women cited in the story - named only as Allison, 19, and Madison, 20. Portnoy strongly denied being predatory and noted that Allison had hit onto him.

Defense attorney Kevin Gough on Thursday raised his concerns with the activist's presence in the Georgia court, but did not find a receptive audience in Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley.

'War stays with you like a slideshow of images': Harry and Meghan visit military base in

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Thursday visited a military base in New Jersey, marking Veterans' Day by having lunch with members of the military and sharing their experiences. Harry, 37, who spend a decade in the British army, told the assembled crowd that he was grateful for his time in the armed forces, but the experience stayed with him in his mind, and he saw things he would not want others to have to see. The visit came the day after the pair attended a gala in Manhattan on board the Intrepid aircraft carrier, with Harry handing out medals to veterans.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden marked their first Veterans Day in the White House by traveling to Arlington Cemetery to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim Houthi forces have taken at least 25 people connected to the US embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a, local reports have said. The compound shut in 2015.

Jailed Paralympian Oscar Pistorius sends parents of girlfriend he murdered 'distressing'

Oscar Pistorius, 34, (left) has been eligible for parole since July after he was convicted of murder for shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (right) multiple times through a toilet door in his home in South Africa. The Paralympic gold medalist sent her parents?June and Barry Steenkamp (inset) an 'emotionally distressing' letter as part of South Africa's 'restorative justice' parole process whereby prisoners must take responsibility for their actions. Their lawyer, Tania Koen, told the Mirror : 'I cannot divulge the contents of that letter. It was quite emotionally distressing for them. They did not know it was coming and it was sent to me by his attorney.'

Moshe Porat, 74, was let go from Temple University in 2018 when the school discovered he had been misreporting student surveys and grades in the online business program since 2015.

Retiring GOP Sen. Richard Shelby plans to spend $5 million of his own campaign money to help his former chief of staff beat the candidate backed by Donald Trump to replace him.

Democrats want to raise the cap of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction from $10,000 to $80,000, undoing a signature part of President Trump's 2017 tax cuts. It would be retroactive for 2021.

Police search for brazen shoplifters filmed stealing shopping carts full of detergent and paper towels from Connecticut grocery store

Connecticut State Police are searching for four people suspected of stealing $1,600 in goods from Market 32 in the Quarry Walk Plaza Tuesday morning. The thieves were caught in the act by onlooker as they unloaded shopping carts full of laundry detergent and paper towels into vehicles police say were stolen. Video of the robbery, which has gone viral, show four people whose faces are covered, unloading the merchandise into two separate cars outside the market.

In response to the video of Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, sobbing as he claimed self-defense for killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber in 2020, LeBron James tweeted, 'What tears?????'

Chicago PD sent a memo to officers this week notifying them that one of their days off this weekend had been canceled, claiming it was due to 'current crime patterns' n the city.

Gaige Grosskruetz said Kyle Rittenhouse 'seemed like a child who'd just gotten caught doing something he wasn't supposed to,' when the teen broke down sobbing on Wednesday.

Texas officials are investigating three Woodsboro High School students (right) allegedly dressing up as the KKK and tasing a Black teen on Halloween night, lawyer Matt Manning (left) said.

Jen Psaki will return to the White House briefing room on Friday, 13 days after revealing she had tested positive for COVID despite being vaccinated. Her deputy Karine Jean-Pierre had filled in for her.

Researchers at the Texas Department of Health found a massive difference in infection rates and death rates depending on a person's vaccination status during the summer Delta surge.

Recently axed RHOC star Kelly Dodd launched a foul-mouthed attack on former co-star Heather and her husband Terry Dubrow on Wednesday evening, as they were eating dinner at a West Coast restaurant. The feuding reality stars came to blows earlier this year, when?Kelly, 46, claimed she and husband Rick had contracted COVID-19 from Heather's 16-year-old son Nicholas, 16. Finding herself at the same dining establishment as Heather, 52, and Terry, 63, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star began to insult the couple as she filmed them over her shoulder.?In her social media videos, Dodd pointed fingers at the couple, calling them "losers" with "zero friends" and alleging they threatened to sue her and her husband, Rick Leventhal. "Should I ask these assholes why they're suing me?" Dodd asked. "Terry and Heather. Why are they suing me? I think [Rick] might ask why they put a cease and desist on us."

Researchers from the University of Essex found that men who want to actively be involved in childcare and enjoy time with their kids have a larger hypothalamus.

Liberal universities are being criticized after ABC News cited several studies concluding that racist white voters favor black Republicans to explain Winsome Sears win last week in Virginia.

Couple who built self-sufficient home out of CLAY and straw, and now live off the grid with their two kids reveal they haven't had to pay bills in over a DECADE - saving them $70K A YEAR

Misty Murph'Ariens, 36, and her husband Bryce 46, met as chefs?in Hamilton, Ontario and loved visiting his grandmother's rural cottage. In 2009, they bought a piece of farmland for?$37,500 and spent $10,000 building a house out of clay, sand, and straw. They get food from their animals and garden, electricity from solar panels, and water from a well. They earn some money from a small local catering business but get around by?cycling, walking, or on horseback because they have no car. Misty homeschools their five- and seven-year-old daughters.

DOJ announced it had indicted Matthew Tunstall, 34, of Los Angeles; Robert Reyes, 38, of Hollister, California; and Kyle Davies, 29, of Austin, Texas for allegedly running a 'scam PAC' operation.


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I see your Katana, and I raise you! Moment road rage driver pulls Samurai SWORD on VERY COOL motorist who then pulls RIFLE out of his trunk in crazy Portland stand-off?

A driver was filmed running towards another motorist while brandishing a samurai-like sword in Portland, Oregon this week. In footage shared on Twitter, the man he threatens is seen keeping calm with his hands by his side, before finding the right moment to pull a rifle from the trunk of his car. Portland is seeing shootings and murders soar this year after the city's police department had its budget cut by $15million in 2020 as part of the woke city council's new defunding plan following the death of George Floyd.

It is not yet clear how the fragment broke loose from the moon, in part because there are no other known asteroids with lunar origins, according to a team of University of Arizona-led astronomers.

DISTRESSING IMAGES: Katie Leeming, 22, of Blackpool, Lancashire, said she did not get vaccinated after hearing 'horror stories' about the effects of the jab on pregnancy forums online.

New colourised images give a glimpse of the camaraderie during some of WWI's bloodiest

The photos, which have also been carefully restored, feature in The Great War Illustrated 1915. The book was written by Roni Wilkinson under the pen names William Langford and Jack Holroyd, whilst the images were colourised by his son, Jon. Most of the images in the book were taken in France and Belgium on the Western Front, but others show troops as they fought soldiers from the Ottoman Empire in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign in what is now Turkey. One photo (left) shows Scottish troops - who had been dubbed 'devils in skirts' or 'ladies from hell' by German soldiers who had never seen men in kilts - sitting in a trench on the Western Front whilst accompanied by a dog. Also seen are three soldiers from the York and Lancaster Regiment outside the entrance to their dugout near the Yser Canal in Belgium in July 1915 (bottom). A third photo shows troops in Turkey (top right) as they carry their weapons and equipment.

VP Kamala Harris stood with French PM Jean Castex and Paris' Mayor Anne Hidalgo ahead of the ceremony marking the 103rd anniversary of the November 11, 1918 armistice.

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have joined forces to ask Americans to support building a museum to?recognize Medal of Honor recipients.

Two California women are forging ahead with their lawsuit against Subway (shown) and say the company is deceiving the public about its '100 percent tuna' products (pictured)

A woman who struck an American Airlines flight attendant earlier this year was fined $23,000 by the FAA on Wednesday, amid a recent spike in assaults on airline employees by unruly passengers.

The Wikileaks founder applied for permission to wed Ms Morris, 38, the mother of his two children, last month from Belmarsh prison where he is fighting extradition to the US.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan has lifted the lid on how he vaulted from the political margins to Trump world insider, all thanks to the power of television.

Jay Leno shatters $3m Bugatti Chiron's world speed record in?$129k Tesla: Speed freak TV host clocks quarter-mile in 9.2 seconds - making Model S Plaid the fastest accelerating car EVER built

On the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay Leno (left) hopped into the Tesla Model S Plaid (right) and set the new speed record at 9.247 seconds for a quarter-mile, just beating out the Bugatti Chiron Sport's previous 9.4 seconds. 'That was awesome,' Leno said, celebrating the fact that he won the title of fastest production car driver. Unfortunately, Leno's world record was short-lived after Tesla's own professional driver took the car for a test drive later that day and set a new time of 9.234 seconds.

Cody, 48, knew he was gay from a young age, but grew up Christian and converted to Mormonism as a teen. He prayed to be straight and thought that if came out, God would hate him.

Mendy Levy was able to escape from the group, which was started by Shlomo Helbrans in the 1980s, in 2018. He was able to flee to Canada, where he was adopted. Now, he is a photographer.

Israeli's state-run defense contractor announced on Thursday a new family of electronic warfare systems, Scorpius, which uses beams to interfere with electromagnetic spectrums.

Sony was planning on producing 16 million PS5 units within the first year, but the global chip shortage and shipping issues forced the firm to reduce its production by a million, a report says.

French daredevil breaks (his own) world altitude record for standing on a hot-air balloon

Remi Ouvrard, 28, took to the skies in Chatellerault, western France, on a balloon piloted by his father,?Jean-Daniel, to complete the epic feat on November 10. The hot-air balloon reached?an altitude of 13,175ft (4,016m) for France's Telethon. The Telethon campaign is a charity event that raises money to fund research projects on genetic neuromuscular diseases. The target altitude of 11,932ft (3,637m) was a nod to?the phone number digits of the Telethon campaign, 36-37, with Remi holding up placards in acknowledgement. Remi set the previous record in February 2020 by reaching a peak altitude of?3,992ft (1,217m).

FILE - In this Oct. 16, 2019, file photo, Shankar Hangud, wearing a personal safety vest, appears in the Placer County Superior Court in Roseville, Calif. Hangud, 55, who confessed to killing his wife and three sons in 2019, was sentenced Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, to life in prison without parole. Placer County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Penney called it a "horrific crime," as he sentenced Hangud to three life prison terms. (Renee C. Byer/The Sacramento Bee via AP, Pool, File)

Investigators in Placer County said Shankar Hangud, 55, confessed to killing his family members over the span of several days across two Northern California counties in October 2019.

Ted Pharmacy, in Loudon County, Virginia, has lost its permission to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines after giving more than 100 children aged five to 11 doses of the shots meant for older people.

The 62-year-old cyclist who has not been named is suing the girl's father Patrick Mpasa for defamation on the grounds that the backlash from the video left him 'scared to leave the house'.

Orangu-tantrum! Ape has a tug-of-war with family of otters as they try to steal his blankets at Belgian zoo

The footage was taken by staff at?Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, and shows three oriental small-clawed otters and a four-year-old orangutan called Berani playing together. The orangutan family arrived at the zoo in 2017 after moving from Germany. The two species became friends when staff at the zoo decided to run the otter's river through the orangutan's territory. Orangutans are extremely threatened in the wild and Pairi Daiza has raised funds for more than 11,000 trees to be replanted in Borneo and restore the habitat of the great ape.

Ed Durr, the GOP truck driver who unseated?Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney, admitted to feeling overwhelmed as he prepares to take office.

CCTV footage shows a woman helping a drunk stranger down the stairs to his Staten Island apartment in New York City on October 24, only to steal his $10,000 Rolex watch.

The NIH is maintaining its position in a patent dispute over Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine - and may be prepared to take legal action if necessary, NIH director Dr Francis Collins said in a recent interview.

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For Moriah Mills' 28th birthday, her sugar daddy (who wants to remain anonymous) got her a 100x80ft billboard on West 48th Street in New York. The model, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, went viral last month when she revealed her 'list of requirements' for any man who wants a chance to date her, and has racked up 214,000 Instagram followers and 1.1 million TikTok followers. She said the billboard made her feel like 'a star,' but that it's 'what she deserves.' She added: 'It was a really creative and different way of showing he cared.'

Brighstoneus simmondsi was found by retired GP Jeremy Lockwood, who is studying for a PhD at the University of Portsmouth, after he spent lockdown searching through boxes of ancient bones.

Blocks from a temple devoted to King Nectanebo I, founder of Egypt's last native dynasty, were found outside Cairo. Hieroglyphs reference his reign and the materials used in the temple.

Brave pets who mucked in to help out during the war brought to life in edited photographs

Tom Marshall, who lives close to the Defence Animal Training Regiment base near Melton Mowbray, has transformed the incredible black-and-white images for?PhotograFix. Among the images he has bought to life is one from July 1944, showing Jasper, a mine-detecting dog, having his ear bandaged by a sergeant of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps in Bayeaux, France (left). (Pictured left inset; These two kittens lived aboard HMS Hawkins, a heavy cruiser built by the Royal Navy during the First World War, though not completed until 1919. The kittens are pictured inside the barrel of a 7.5 inch gun; centre, another of the pictures is Aircrew was a young cat adopted by the Royal Australian Air Force Flying Training School, Cressy, Victoria, Australia; right inset, Venus the bulldog, mascot of the destroyer HMS Vansittart, taken in a photograph in 1941; right, another image taken in 1917 shows an unnamed British Royal Artillery soldier sitting for a portrait while wearing his uniform alongside his tiny white kitten)


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Duck! Moment kingfisher slams into another bird and knocks it off branch is caught in stunning slow-motion

Dr Rahul Lakhmani, 30, was testing his new camera on his terrace in New Delhi, India, when he spotted a kingfisher perched on a tree in the distance. White-throated kingfishers, which are widely distributed in Asia, can fly at speeds of up to 25mph and Dr Lahkmani was fortunate he was using a slow motion camera. The footage shows another kingfisher swoop into the frame and slam straight into the unsuspecting bird. Dr Lahkmani described the impact as 'two friends hugging each other after a long lockdown'.

Video footage of a man brutally attacked a woman in the elevator at?Lexington Avenue subway station in Harlem, New York City on November 1, was released today by police.

Cat burglar! Harpo the klepto-kitty 'steals' toys and fridge magnets after his owner trains him to fetch items she wants!

The footage was captured in Portland, Oregon, by owner Rain, of her 13-year-old cat called Harpo. It shows Harpo carrying a range of objects to his owner, including a large plush toy killer whale, and meowing proudly as he delivers them. Rain said she first became aware of the cat's kleptomaniac tendencies when Harpo was aged two. When he turned eleven she started to train him by turning the stealing into a game, so he wouldn't take things she didn't want him to. She shares clips of her 'glorious goofball' Harpo's 'heists' on social media, and she and her cats have more than 1,800 followers on Twitter alone.



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